IAKC bet and social platform based on arionum blockchain

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IAKC bet and social platform based on arionum blockchain

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I already know coin(IAKC)
IAKC bet node dividend coin(IBDC)
IAKC ownership share(IOS)
Arionum usd assets(AUSD)
The account owner social platform ownership share(TOS)
The account owner social platform Data dividend coin (TODC)

Develop and open source

IAKC verification procedure
IAKC bet website node system
asset ownership share control system
The account owner Comment code and extension
The account owner Data node system
arionum encrypted message source code

I already know bet node system

Bet belongs to everyone needs. See casinos. Everyone has the desire to gamble, prove that
they are superior than others, and get money.
However, traditional online gambling requires money, complex identity verification
procedures, which prevents a large number of people.

I already know coin asset(IAKC)

IAKC bet just needs a gmail address to verify an arionum account, so that everyone can
easily participate in betting.
People can use IAKC to predict world events on the IAKC node website, such stock market
trends, major events in the world, etc.
In reality, small bets come from friends, and most bets require money,some people feel
These little bets will be forgotten in a few days. The pleasure of the winner cannot
accumulate and it is undoubtedly a pity that he cannot show it to others.
IAKC bet nodes can effectively accumulate the pleasure of betting between these friends in
all time, can show it to others, and store it in the blockchain forever.

IAKC verification procedure

Generate a verification code and send it to gmail address. after the user enter the verification
code, record the email address hash and send 100 IAKC
Hash database only records gmail hash data, all verified arionum addresses are anonymous
There is no association between arionum address and gmail.
IAKC bet dividend coin(IBDC)

Users who register as a recommender at any node can get IBDC rewards from all nodes.
Activate 10 Arionum addresses and receive IBDC sent by the bet node website.
IBDC can be traded on the arionum blockchain, holding IBDC will receive the AUSD asset
sent by the corresponding node.
IBDC is valid for one month,each node will activate a different IBDC every month.
Send the invalid IBDC to the new IBDC address of the node, will automatically get 50% of
the new IBDC.
invalid IBDC will be invalid permanently after two months.

registration page

Every bet node website will have a registration verification page for get IAKC
The verification procedure is public, and promoters can easily build their own registration
Users registered on the promoter website do not need to enter the promoter account, the
promoter can set whether to get IAKC or IBDC.
Promoters can add ads on the website for profit, such as adding node introductions and
links, and charge some fees.

The bet

Users can participate and create a bet on the bet node website without logging in.
Develop the tools, let users easily send and receive IAKC assets.
Users can join bet or create one,send IAKC to his choice.
If the result is correct, they will receive IAKC automatically sent from all arionum addresses.
Arionum blockchain completes the transaction of IAKC. All IAKC data and records are
permanently stored on the blockchain.

bet content

The blockchain only processes bet transactions and does not store bet content.
The bet content will be stored in the bet node database and synchronized between
different bet node websites.
Everyone can publicly view the unencrypted bet content of the relevant arionum address on
the bet node.
Users can create encrypted bets,and all those who have not participated in the bet will not
be able to see the content.
Users can create dust bets, and they can choose to encrypt and publish,after the dust bet
ends, the content will not be recorded and disappear forever.
Because of the decentralized data storage, users will never worry about losing bet content

bet node website user login

Use the private key to encrypt the message, and node uses the user address public key to
verify that the address is owned by the user.
Send small transactions and messages to the arionum address of the website. After
confirming that the message is correct, the transaction will be automatically returned.
Request an encrypted verification code, the arionum address receives the encrypted
verification code, use the decryption tool to get the verification code for authorized login.
After logging in, users can post comments on the betting page.

IAKC node website profit

All websites running IAKC bet node have complete control of the website and legal
At the beginning, ads are the easiest profit. After IAKC has value, the bet node website can
earn users IAKC for profit.
They can independently choose ads and innovative bet projects, adjust the fees charged by
IAKC, and can also create their own ownership shares asset,and create their own IBDC.
According to bet data, the node website needs to pay 10% of the profit share to the IAKC bet
system every month.
IAKC bet system will regularly check and maintain the node code to ensure that users can
safely send IAKC to the bet address.
These nodes will be trusted by the IAKC bet system, and all trusted nodes will be listed on
the IAKC open source code page.

untrusted node

If the bet node website does not pay, it will be recorded as an untrusted node.
The bet content data of untrusted nodes will not be recorded by other nodes, cannot be
viewed on other nodes, and untrusted nodes will not receive promoter data.
Users can complete registration at untrusted nodes, and bet on untrusted nodes, the
arionum blockchain will still complete IAKC transactions.
The IAKC system does not guarantee the security of untrusted nodes, and users may lose
the IAKC sent to the address of the untrusted node, regardless of the outcome of the bet.

IAKC bet system Profit distribution

The development team will receive 30% of the profit every month, and the rest will be paid to
IOS holders through AUSD.

IAKC ownership share(IOS)

The ios holder owns all the rights of the IAKC bet system and controls the IAKC verification
If the account that generates iakc assets is at risk, ios holders can vote to change it.
The ios asset account can only release ios when financing, which can be changed by the ios

asset ownership share control system

Asset holders can Appoint management personnel, and management personnel need to
sign legal documents to confirm the relationship with the asset holder.
People who own assets can have the same number of voting rights as assets.
Managers need a clear legal obligation to fulfill all voting results.
The voting results need to be confirmed by more than 50% of asset holders.
Share asset holders can make decisions through the arionum blockchain.
After the company goes bankrupt, it can be liquidated, and the funds are distributed to asset
owners through AUSD.

Arionum usd assets(AUSD)

Anyone can create the corresponding AUSD asset based on the stablecoin of the ETH
The creator needs to fulfill the requirements of AUSD holders, through the issuance and
destruction of AUSD, and collect fees for profit.
These AUSD can be exchanged for IAKC on the arionum blockchain.
As the number of users and demand of IAKC increases, there will be some AUSD creators,
and people can choose.

The account owner social platform

Because of IAKC bet, many people will have an anonymous arionum verified account and
can login to the comment system.
To start, we will create a news comment code and chrome extension.
The website can add comment code to increase the comment and increase the return visit
For some unfriendly accounts, the website with the comment code can choose to enable the
blacklist and block the account’s access to this website.
After the user receives likes, can get a permanent webpage, can send messages, follow
others, or be followed by others, like twitter.
All people who follow the account can quickly receive notifications and information from the
data node, and can reply and forward or like.
The comment system and social platform can easily make profits through ads.

data nodes

Everyone can create data nodes and get profit sharing.
The more people using the data node,the more profit they will make.
This will form a decentralized social platform based on data nodes.
All data is stored on data servers scattered around the world, all data servers will be
synchronized, and users get data from the nearest server.
Because to reduce the difficulty of creating data nodes, in addition to text, pictures will be
cached and will be deleted after 90 days, video limit 2 minutes and 20 seconds like twitter,
video will be deleted after 30 days.
Follow data and like records can be downloaded and backed up by users. After switching
other accounts, the follow data and like records of the original account can be uploaded to
the new account and synchronized all data nodes.

connection software

The platform needs to download the connection software to connect to the data node,
receive and send encrypted data.
The connection software does not need to access the domain name, and provides web
pages to the browser through the port, which is effective in prohibited areas.
For example, in China, you cannot directly access twitter, but you can access the arionum
blockchain and decentralized data servers without barriers.
After installing the connection software on the computer or mobile phone, use a browser or
open source app to quickly connect to the nearest data node.

different domain name

The data node can provide the domain name login interface,and the user can directly login
to the web page provided by the data node to browse and send messages without using the
connection software.
The node server can use the public key to verify the signature of the address owner, or send
a small transfer, or request an encrypted verification code to log in.
The domain name provided by each data node is different, but the website is the same,
anyone can view the messages of all public accounts without logging in.
Users can get the correct data node connection information in the connection software.

offline message broadcast

The data node provides a message broadcast page. Users can complete the private key
signature of the message offline, broadcast the signed message on any node, and the data
node will synchronize to all nodes after the public key is verified.

public or encrypt

The connection software is also an encryption and decryption software.
Users can choose to public or encrypt.
If user chooses to encrypt, all information will be encrypted in the local connection software.
The data server does not store any keys, only the encrypted data, and the data server
cannot view the encrypted content.
The user can choose which account can follow him, and send the follower the decryption
authorization bound to the follower account,and can be revoked at any time.

The account owner is you

This account will always belong to an individual and will not be censored and will not be
If President Trump has a The account owner social platform account, then he will never have
to worry about censorship or lose his account.


Data nodes have corresponding rights and legal responsibilities. Public accounts that violate
the law and are unethical will be blacklisted by data nodes.
The account data in the blacklist will be immediately deleted by the data node, and the data
write request of the account will be rejected.
If the user is blacklisted by more than 50% of the data nodes, the account cannot be found
by the system, the messages sent by the account cannot be searched, and cannot be
displayed in the trend.
Blacklist users can create nodes by themselves, and followers can modify the priority
connection nodes to quickly view and reply to messages sent by this account.
New followers can add account addresses to follow users who cannot be searched.
The user can create a personal blacklist, and the blacklist data can be stored in the
connection software or synchronized to the data node.

Celebrity list

Celebrities and public figures confirmed by 50% nodes will automatically get corresponding
The self-determination of each node, the related income belongs to the node.
If less than 50% of the nodes confirm, the celebrity account will lose the corresponding

Account deactivation and deletion

All accounts are just an Arionum address verified by IAKC, which is anonymous and can be
deactivated and cannot be deleted.
The user can apply to delete all data related to the account.
The account will be included in the list to be deleted. All nodes will be synchronized and data
requests for this account will be stopped.
The account data will be deleted within 30 days. During the period, if the account sends a
recovery request, the account data will be restored.

Third Party Login

When the number of users is large enough, the Third Party Login is open to all websites.
Users can use an arionum account to login to different websites. If users do not bet, they can
also sell 100 IAKC received by verifying gmail hash and get money rewards.

arionum encrypted message

The ever-increasing network of personal relationships requires a solid and reliable encrypted
communication demand.
People can use the Arionum blockchain for encrypted communication.

The account owner social platform Data dividend coin (TODC)

Data nodes share 30% of profits based on the holding proportion of TODC.
People can run data nodes and receive TODC based on the monthly data provided.
TODC can trade on the arionum blockchain.
Hold TODC can receive a profit share by AUSD, after receiving the profit, TODC will be
permanently invalid.
Data server owners can get new TODC every month.

untrusted nodes

Because the social platform will be open source, the data node will verify the data server
code before data transmission.
If data nodes add advertisements or change any code, they will be listed as untrusted nodes.
Untrusted nodes cannot receive TODC and cannot send data to normal data nodes to
ensure consistent and safe user experience.

Social platform Profit distribution

The development team will get 30% of the profit, the data node will get 30% of the profit ,
and the rest will be paid to TOS holders through AUSD.

The account owner social platform ownership share(TOS)

TOS holders look for advertisers to make money through advertising.
The tos asset account can only release tos when financing, which can be changed by the tos
Holders can exercise their power through the asset ownership share control system.

Stock issuance and trading market

At this time, on the Arionum blockchain, there are many IAKC betting node websites and
decentralized social platforms that can replace Twitter, which is stable and profitable.
With the increase in IAKC trading volume, the monthly profit distribution of IBDC and TODC,
the AUSD assets on the Arionum blockchain will also increase.
Because of the asset ownership share control system and sufficient AUSD,startups can
raise funds on the Arionum blockchain.
Arionum blockchain will be the stock issuance and trading market.
People can hold company assets anonymously, 24-hour uninterrupted transactions, and
transaction records are written into blocks for real-time confirmation.
There is no need to worry about more than 100% short selling of Wall Street hedge funds,
like Gamestop.
Arionum blockchain already has two of the most important functions.
interpersonal communication system
property holding and investment profit system
which will make the entire Arionum blockchain an important in the world.

How to do it

simple wallet app

first make a simple wallet app, generate an aro address, send and receive iakc.
The wallet app can read the data of the bet node, the user can see the bet content and
results of the iakc transaction, and the bet content and results can be generated into
After having enough installations, this wallet can be upgraded. Users can create a bet in the
wallet app and select the bet node to submit content without opening the webpage.
The recommended node in the wallet belongs to the advertising space. The advertising
space can display the logo of the bet node. The bet node can charge iakc transaction fees.
The bet node needs to pay monthly, and can pay more to get a better ranking.
The income of the wallet app is divided between developers and ios holders.
The user can also choose not to submit the content to the node, but the bet content cannot
be recorded synchronously on all nodes, similar to the dust bet, but the user cannot see the
bet content when participating. This is suitable for friends who are familiar with each other.
After the results appear , The user transfers iakc to the winning friend.
Users can easily bet on different bet nodes using the wallet app, without understanding the
blockchain, can share the results of bets with others, and can also trade iakc with each
other, which will increase the value of iakc.

bet node simple editing tools

The bet node is open source and can provide some simple editing tools and tutorials to
make it easier to create bet nodes, and more interesting and different bet nodes will appear.
We only need to reduce the restrictions on users participating in betting on the Internet, and
we can get a lot of profits.
verify the gmail hash,install an open source and easy-to-use wallet, and there is no need to
bet website has a high usage rate and a high return visit rate.
Simple usage, permanent bet records, iakc that can be accumulated, and many interesting
bet nodes, which can easily form a huge user group and will bring ads income to bet nodes.
Then we can start to develop news comment extensions.
All programs and apps, no matter how perfect, need someone to find someone to use. All we
have to do is to make it easy for people to use.
As long as we gather a huge user group through the iakc bet system, our social platform will
be used by people.
and we don’t need to wait until the goal is achieved to get the profit, we will get usd profit at
the beginning and every day, and then more people will join us.

This is just a start
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Re: IAKC bet and social platform based on arionum blockchain

Post by iool » Wed Feb 10, 2021 4:41 pm

ICO closed at 00:00:00 UTC on February 17, 2021

developers can join the development team. At iakcbet.github.io
priority development is IAKC faucet, bet node and wallet app.

IAKC information https://iakcbet.github.io/

The account owner social platform https://theaccountowner.github.io/

AUSD information https://arionumtools.github.io/AUSD/

Related news will be updated on the above page at any time.

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