Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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**Arionum FAQ**

***What is Arionum?***
Arionum offers a secure electronic payments system that makes it easy to integrate with new and existing PHP applications. Web developers who already understand PHP can easily build new blockchain based applications or integrate Arionum into their existing applications.

Arionum is able to autoscale without degraded performance. It offers a fixed 0.25% fee on all transactions (max 10 ARO) and has a dynamic transaction limit per block allowing it to keep up with a growing number of transactions. Arionum has no pre-mined coins, an 8-year mining period, no developer fees, and a unique HYBRID mining system that shares rewards with CPU miners, GPU miners, and masternodes.

One of the main advantages of Arionum is that it was fully coded from scratch in PHP, one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Any PHP developer in the world can now create apps on top of the blockchain using the tools they are already familiar with.

***Who are the developers?***

I prefer Satoshi's way of working without revealing much about myself. I've got around 15 years of experience in PHP and Linux administration. Arionum is our main project at the moment.

I have a 7+ years experience in linux, programming and marketing. We expect that with our experience, vision and clear mind, Arionum will become one of the most stable and used cryptocurrencies.

I have more than 6 years of experience in several programming languages including PHP and Java.
My goal for Arionum is to satisfy the community and to adjust applications to their needs.
With savvy solutions and better performing applications, Arionum will have a steady ride to success.

***What is a node?***
A node is the brain of the Arionum cryptocurrency. It creates a large communication network as it connects to other node, resulting in the decentralized Arionum network.

***How long does it take to receive a transaction?***
Transactions are considered received after 4 blocks (16 minutes).

***Are there transaction fees?***
There is a fixed transaction fee, 0.25%. (max 10 ARO)

***Where can i download the wallet from?***

*Windows Light Wallet:* (Source:

***How do I create a "cold wallet"?***
To create a cold wallet, simply print or store the arionum.aro wallet on an encrypted usb and remove it from your computer using a secure eraser.

***I forgot the password to my wallet, are my ARO lost forever?***
Unfortunately, if you have encrypted the wallet and forgot the password, your coins are most likely lost. We'd suggest to keep the wallet as maybe you will remember the password, or, maybe in the next 100 years, someone will find a way to crack AES encryption.

***What are the advantages of PHP?***
One of the main advantages of Arionum is that it was fully written from scratch in PHP, one of the most popular programming languages in the world. While php is not as fast as c++. for example, the high number of developers that can easily understand and develop PHP and the Arionum compensates for this.

***How do I mine ARO?***
Please check the guide on the official pool:

***What miners do you recommend?***
CPU miner by ProgrammerDan

CPU miner by cryptogone

GPU + CPU miner by bogdanadnan

GPU miner by cryptogone

***Where can I buy ARO?***
We are currently listed on ->
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

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thank for tutorials, i want to ask, what is threads? why do it diffirent between each minner? and how many is max threads?