Arionum Masternode setup guide [CentOS 7]

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Arionum Masternode setup guide [CentOS 7]

Post by AroDev » Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:24 am

This guide aims to provide a quick way to create your own Arionum masternode.

It's meant for non-technical people and it's mostly plug and play.

The only thing you should figure out on your own is how to use putty to access your VPS over ssh.

Start by buying a VPS with 2 cores, 4GB RAM, 50GB Disk space.

We recommend the following VPS providers:

Once you have your VPS, ssh to it using putty, login and copy and paste (right click on putty window) the following commands:

Code: Select all

yum -y install epel-release yum-utils screen git  nano
yum -y update
yum -y install
yum -y update
yum-config-manager --enable remi-php72
yum -y install php php-gmp php-mysql php-mbstring php-bcmath
rpm --import
echo "[mariadb]" > /etc/yum.repos.d/MariaDB.repo
echo "name = MariaDB" >> /etc/yum.repos.d/MariaDB.repo
echo "baseurl =" >> /etc/yum.repos.d/MariaDB.repo                                                                                                                                             
echo "gpgkey=" >> /etc/yum.repos.d/MariaDB.repo
echo "gpgcheck=1" >> /etc/yum.repos.d/MariaDB.repo
yum -y update
yum -y install MariaDB-server MariaDB-client;
systemctl start mariadb
systemctl enable mariadb
systemctl start httpd
systemctl enable httpd

firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=80/tcp
firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=443/tcp
firewall-cmd --reload
echo "[mysqld]">/etc/my.cnf
echo "bind-address =">>/etc/my.cnf
echo "max-connections = 5000">>/etc/my.cnf
echo "[client-server]">>/etc/my.cnf
echo '!includedir /etc/my.cnf.d'>>/etc/my.cnf
echo "DELETE FROM mysql.user WHERE User=''"|mysql;
echo "DELETE FROM mysql.user WHERE User='root' AND Host NOT IN ('localhost', '', '::1');"|mysql;
echo "DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS test;"|mysql;
echo "DELETE FROM mysql.db WHERE Db='test' OR Db='test\\_%'"|mysql
pass=$(head -c 16  /dev/random | md5sum | cut -f 1 -d\ )
echo "The db password is $pass"
echo "CREATE DATABASE arionum;"|mysql
echo "CREATE USER 'arionum'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '$pass';"|mysql
echo "GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON arionum . * TO 'arionum'@'localhost';"|mysql
echo "FLUSH PRIVILEGES;"|mysql
git clone
rm -rf /var/www/html
mv node /var/www/html
chmod 777 /var/www/html/tmp
chown apache:apache /var/www/html -R
mv /var/www/html/include/ /var/www/html/include/
sed -i s/ENTER-DB-NAME/arionum/g /var/www/html/include/
sed -i s/ENTER-DB-USER/arionum/g /var/www/html/include/
sed -i s/ENTER-DB-PASS/$pass/g /var/www/html/include/
setenforce 0
sed -i s/SELINUX=enforcing/SELINUX=permissive/g /etc/selinux/config
Access your node in the browser using it's public IP.

Afterwards, we setup the CLI wallet on a secure server.

Code: Select all

cd /root
git clone
cd lightWalletCLI
chmod +x light-arionum-cli
./light-arionum-cli balance
This will create a new wallet and print your address, private key and public key. Save them.

On the node VPS, run:

Code: Select all

nano /var/www/html/include/
And replace

Code: Select all

 $_config['masternode'] = false; 

Code: Select all

$_config['masternode'] = true;
Also add your public key between the quotes on the following setting

Code: Select all

$_config['masternode_public_key'] = '';
Next, send 100.010 ARO to the new wallet's address.

Wait for 4 confirmations and then run:

Code: Select all

cd /root/lightWalletCLI
./light-arionum-cli masternode create NODE-IP

Replace the NODE-IP with the actual IP of the node.

You're done, the masternode is setup and it will start mining after 360 blocks.

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Re: Arionum Masternode setup guide [CentOS 7]

Post by cryptoscoope » Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:39 am

look good

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Re: Arionum Masternode setup guide [CentOS 7]

Post by KyleFromOhio » Mon Sep 03, 2018 4:10 pm

For an Ubuntu guide with a complete bash script that manages all aspects of a node try these guides and tools...

I created a script to setup and manage your Arionum node on Ubuntu.
It's available on github here:

I wrote a tutorial on running a masternode here:

I have some other tutorials at

Any questions/feedback/suggestions, message me in Discord.

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