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[GUIDE] How to buy ARO

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 4:10 pm
by glqrz
For new users, and since almost everyone is new


go to ... 6712000522 and post an offer OR message me [email protected] / discord @glqrz

Key points

- Trades right now are done through the official escrow - it's safe and easy and supports BTC, LTC, ETH
- There are no exchange listings at the moment. Give it time, as the coin has barely existed a month
- To find a trading partner, go to the #trading channel in the official discord and make a post ... 6712000522
- To find a fair price for the trade, recent escrow data is available here

How to buy using the escrow

1. Find a trading partner on discord and agree on a price
2. You will need to provide an email address and an ARO address to the seller so they can create an escrow action. The escrow will email you to facilitate the exchange.
3. The seller sends the ARO to a holding address provided by escrow
4. You issue the payment directly to the seller
5. Once the payment clears, the escrow will be released

Find me on discord as @glqrz or email [email protected] - I will trade any of ETH/LTC/BTC and will offer a fair price based on the latest escrow data.