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Hard Fork on block 216000

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 12:14 pm
by Mercury80
I would like to inform you regarding the upcoming hard fork. I have decided to implement it on block 216000 (approx 16th of sept). The code is mostly ready and will be published in the next 2-3 days in the assets branch, after i finish testing it more thoroughly.
The main changes implemented are:
1. The masternodes will be able to generate a new private/public key pair that will be used for the automatic voting of the dead masternodes. Each masternode administrator will need to generate it and add it into the config file (a guide will be provided + support via DM). The reason why i've decided to add a secondary key pair is to add an extra layer of security in case your server ever gets compromised. The voting key pair can be used only for voting so your coins and masternode remain safe in such a scenario.
2. The masternodes will be able to change their IP, once a month.
3. Dead masternodes will be voted out and moved to a 10% cold stacking system. Basically, from the total block reward, 10% will be dedicated to all masternodes (active, dead, or paused) . 40% to active only masternodes and 50% to miners.
4. There is an option for the masternodes to vote the blockchain governance. Like disabling cold stacking, disabling the 30% emission cut etc.
5. The emission cut will be 30% starting block 216000
6. The asset system is fully implemented starting 216000
7. Based on the asset system, we expect to launch shared masternodes in a few days after the hf.